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How to be a Relaxed Mama by working with me...


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I love working with Mamas on a 1:1 basis but that makes it hard to reach as many as possible. So I now offer an online consultation to share with you your holistic Babyopathy journey and show you how to be a Relaxed Mama.

Babyopathy Mamas Club

and I'll take you and your baby on a  sensory journey through our online masterclasses, show you how to connect with your baby in the womb and to influence their wellbeing, brain development and even future education. 

Bespoke 1:1 Mentor Mum

As your Mentor Mum I will coach you personally through your sensory pregnancy journey, using regular energy (reiki) sessions and and more. I will connect you with your baby in the womb and help you be a Relaxed Mama.

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Find Out More

So, why would you want a zoom call with me?...

- first of all, to be clear, I am not a midwife, but I will take your pregnancy & birth to a whole new level!

- I will introduce you to your baby's sensory journey and why it's so important to nurture it

- I will talk you through your pregnancy sensory journey and give you some top tips to enjoy a more positive, relaxed birth

- we will chat through your birth options and choices so that you are happy and empowered for the birth.

- I will empower you with connecting with your baby and helping you to recognise your baby's routine in the womb.

Who doesn't want that?

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