Why you need to be aware of maternal stress during pregnancy!


Most pregnancies are planned, although it might have been quite a journey to get to this point for some.

If you have already had your booking in appointment with your midwife then most likely they will have told you certain things that you need to be aware of and some to avoid now you are pregnant.

However, I can almost guarantee they will not have told you about one of THE most important things...


Sadly, stress during pregnancy is something that is not discussed during routine maternity appointments - BUT IT SHOULD BE!

Our lifestyles have changed so much over the last two decades that as we enter this new decade stress has become an accepted part of life - BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE!

We know the affects that stress has on our every day lives, our bodies, our work and our relationships - yet we do nothing.

When we are pregnant our bodies, emotions, minds have to endure a journey almost unrivalled in its intensity - yet we do not prepare.

 Do you know just what maternal stress is?

Do you know how it can have an affect on the wellbeing of your pregnancy?

Do you know it can have a detrimental affect on your unborn baby's development and future mental health wellbeing?

If you answered NO to any of those questions can you really afford NOT to take this course!

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Babyopathy Founder, Angela J Spencer, is dedicated to raising awareness of the risks associated with stress during pregnancy.

"I have been researching in to the affects of stress during pregnancy for a number of years now and worked directly with mums and babies that have been affected and it can be heartbreaking. The UK has some of the highest rates of premature births, emergency births, stillbirth and neonatal death in Europe.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

This is why I launched a campaign called Routine in the Womb in 2017 to create awareness and help mums-to-be make choices and changes in their lives to better nurture their pregnancies."

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Do you want to understand what maternal stress is and how and your unborn baby you are at risk?

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Do you want to know how maternal stress during pregnancy can affect the wellbeing of your pregnancy?

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Do you want to know the first steps you can take to reduce the risks of maternal stress during pregnancy?

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Make 2021 the Year of Pregnancy Positivity!

We have more information at our fingertips than ever before - yet we seem to have no knowledge of the things that matter.

We have access to unrivalled technology  yet we are the most disconnect from our communities we have ever been and so we have limited support.

Social media is the biggest influencer in our lives yet we are surrounded by negativity and bullying.

Babyopathy is here to change all of that through knowledge, empowerment and positivity to help you enjoy a relaxed, connected pregnancy!

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Whether you have just found out you are pregnant or you are in your third and last trimester, it doesn't matter, you can still make changes and have a huge impact on the wellbeing of your pregnancy and birth and your baby's future mental health wellbeing.

You CAN make changes to combat the affects of stress during pregnancy.

You CAN help to nurture the wellbeing of your pregnancy.

You CAN help to reduce the risks of a premature or emergency birth.

This is the first step in that journey.....

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