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COVID Impact On Early Childhood Mental Health

In 2015 I wrote the report below, highlighting the worrying rising trend of childhood mental health issues in the under 5’s. Fast forward almost 5 years and we have been through an unprecedented year of isolation, stress and for many, grief.

For all children, they are facing isolation, stress, grief and even fear. I don’t think I need to explain why they may be feeling these emotions, as adults we are feeling it all too. However, it is vital that we acknowledge it and take responsibility for helping them through it.


In 2015 I wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister highlighting many of the difficulties facing my profession, childcare, and also the state of our family services from maternity through to teenage mental health and education. I had become perplexed at the multitude of individual studies and reports in to varying areas of childcare, education and child development claiming ‘dire straights’ or ‘complete failure’. Each of these...

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