Why you need A Babyopathy Birth!


Are you worried about giving birth, worried about the horrendous birth stories your hear? Worried you too might have an emergency birth?

Well STOP, take a deep breath and relax! Because Babyopathy is here to help you be a

 Relaxed Mum, Contented Baby

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Planning your birth should be exciting and positive - BUT IT ISN'T

Many mums-to-be are so stressed and worried, don't have access to advice and support and don't get the birth they want - BUT IT SHOULDN'T BE THAT WAY!

You can have the birth that you want.

You can make choices and plan for what is right for you.The key is to learn how and with plenty of time to put your choice in place.

  • how to help your pain relief naturally
  • how to connect to your baby in the womb
  • how to begin influencing your baby's routine when they're born
  • how to enjoy a relaxed, positive birth experience
  • how to plan for your baby's wellbeing when it comes to  maternity leave 

So if you are in your last trimester you NEED this course

Here's what our celebrity mums have to say.....

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Tabitha Willett - Made in Chelsea

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Hayley Tamaddon - Former Emerdale & Coronation Street Actress

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Channel Mum - Instagram

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Get the Stress During Pregnancy Course for FREE when you join A Babyopathy Birth course.

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Babyopathy Founder, Angela J Spencer, is dedicated to raising awareness of the risks associated with stress during pregnancy.

"I have been researching in to the affects of stress during pregnancy for a number of years now and worked directly with mums and babies that have been affected and it can be heartbreaking. The UK has some of the highest rates of premature births, emergency births, stillbirth and neonatal death in Europe.

It doesn't have to be this way. 

This is why I launched a campaign called Routine in the Womb in 2017 to create awareness and help mums-to-be make choices and changes in their lives to better nurture their pregnancies."

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Make 2020 the Decade of Pregnancy Positivity!

As we enter this new decade we have more information at our fingertips than ever before - yet we seem to have no knowledge of the things that matter.

We have access to unrivalled technology  yet we are the most disconnect from our communities we have ever been and so we have limited support.

Social media is the biggest influencer in our lives yet we are surrounded by negativity and bullying.

Babyopathy is here to change all of that through knowledge, empowerment and positivity to help you enjoy a relaxed, connected pregnancy and birth!

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Whether you have just found out you are pregnant or you are in your third and last trimester, it doesn't matter, you can still make changes and have a huge impact on the wellbeing of your pregnancy and birth and your baby's future mental health wellbeing.

You CAN plan and make changes to combat the affects of stress during pregnancy.

You CAN help to nurture the wellbeing and routine of your baby in these final weeks before birth.

You CAN help to reduce the risks of a premature or emergency birth.

This is the final step in that journey, A Babyopathy Birth.....

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