4 steps to your baby's

Routine in the Womb

Welcome to the amazing journey that is your pregnancy! 

I have a question for you - do you know about Routine in the Womb and why it is so important for a positive pregnancy?


Well let me take you on the amazing adventure of feeling baby's movements, understanding the connections and nurturing their own unique Routine in the Womb!

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The Challenge...

is to connect with your baby, learn their unique Routine in the Womb, understand why #MovementsMatter and enjoy a more positive, empowered pregnancy! Why?

So that you are empowered with the knowledge of recognising:

  • reduced movement
  • no movement
  • excessive movement

and can be proactive in handling it positively to help reduce worry & stress!

"The support and knowledge that the wonderful Angela (campaign Founder) has, really helped me through my last weeks. Her practice is also something I would recommend - especially to first time mummies."

-Tabitha Willett - Made in Chelsea


Understand what Routine in the Womb is and why it's important



Download the journal and start connecting with baby



Know what to look for and when to be aware of concerns


Step 4

You can be positive knowing your baby's Routine in the Womb


Your baby's Routine in the Womb awaits

Join the 4 step challenge to knowing your baby's Routine in the Womb now and enjoy a more positive and connected pregnancy!

What you will get on this FREE challenge:

  • Access to the 4 Step Challenge Course
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