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Relaxed Mum, Contented Baby

Every mum-to-be wants a happy, positive and stress free pregnancy & birth experience.

Babyopathy is here to help you experience your own unique positive, connected, sensory pregnancy, birth and parenting journey through the expertise of Babyopathy Founder, Angela J Spencer.


Reduce Stress During Pregnancy

The new and important trend for the new decade - let 2020 be the year that we reduce the risks associated with maternal stress during pregnancy - take our courses to find out how!

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The Babyopathy Academy...

A complete range of courses from pre-pregnancy, through each trimester, birth and beyond. New courses being added each week!


Your baby journey starts long before you conceive - let us show you how you a positive pregnancy journey from the very beginning.

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Support through each trimester, we help you nurture your baby and reduce stress to enjoy a relaxed, positive pregnancy.

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Enjoy a Babyopathy Birth full of sensory connections with your baby and top tips to enjoy a relaxed and positive birth experience.

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& Beyond

Those first weeks with your baby, understanding your thoughts, feelings and emotions and finding your feet as a parent, we are here.

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Pregnancy at Work

Did you know your stress at work when pregnant can be a bigger risk to your pregnancy wellbeing than manual handling - our mission is to educate mums and employers on their rights, obligations and a way forward to protect your pregnancy and unborn baby.

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Our essential oil range

nurture your pregnancy and baby in the womb through all of your trimesters, and enjoy a relaxed, positive, connected birth with our beautiful range of essential oils


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