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Welcome to the Babyopathy Resources Hub. Here's where your journey for a BETTER pregnancy & birth starts...

Babyopathy is THE original holistic pregnancy, birth & parenting programme that CONNECTS YOU TO ENERGY and your baby's energy through crystals and energy therapy, IMMERSES YOU IN YOUR SENSORY world to nurture you and your baby's wellbeing and RECONNECTS YOU TO NATURE because we have an inbuilt connection to nature that we must nurture for our mental health wellbeing... Don't forget to check out our STORE (link is in the top menu) for details on how to purchase the Babyopathy Toolkits including my essential oil blends, meditations and FREE courses!


25 Ways To Prepare To Be a Relaxed Mum Before Becoming Pregnant!

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Pregnancy & Birth

How To Be A Relaxed Mum with a Contented Baby

Enjoy a pregnancy & birth full of sensory connections with your baby and top tips to enjoy a relaxed and positive birth experience.

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Why I do what I do, helping mums have a better experience.

Here are some of the beautiful reviews both Babyopathy and my essential oil blends have received.

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Work With Me

If you would like me as your Mentor Mum here's how you can work with me!

Schedule a 1:1 Zoom Call, be mentored throughout your pregnancy or join the Babyopathy Mamas Club

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The Babyopathy Mamas Club

Join the Babyopathy Mamas Club and become part of the tribe of positive, connected and relaxed Babyopathy Mamas! We will nurture and support you on your journey to become a relaxed mum and enjoy a better, positive and relaxed pregnancy & birth.


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