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MUMS if you do one thing - Reduce Your Stress During Pregnancy

What a year 2020 was, too many mums suffering through their pregnancy in silence, let 2021 be the year that we reduce the risks associated with maternal stress during pregnancy - take my course to find out how!

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is THE holistic pregnancy, birth & parenting programme where we talk crystals, energy/reiki, music, meditation and more...

is THE baby and mamas wellbeing programme that nurtures our inbuilt connection with nature (the biophilia hypothesis)

is THE programme for Mamas who want to nurture their baby's wellbeing, development & future education from where it begins - in the womb!

is here to help you enjoy a BETTER pregnancy, birth & parenting experience...

Whether you just want to dip in to a course or you want to immerse yourself in to the positive, supported membership that is the Babyopathy Mamas Club, and become a master at pregnancy & birth relaxation and your baby's holistic & sensory wellbeing, a positive Babyopathy experience is waiting for you!



The Babyopathy Mamas Club

Join the Babyopathy Mamas Club and become part of the tribe of positive, connected and relaxed Babyopathy Mamas! We will nurture and support you on your journey to become a relaxed mum and enjoy a better, positive and relaxed pregnancy & birth.


Come and join one or all of my online courses that will nurture you through the unique sensory oasis that is a Babyopathy pregnancy & birth experience.


How to embrace your baby's sensory journey through the trimesters to nurture their development, wellbeing and future education.

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My FREE campaign course on recognising baby's movements and reducing stress to enjoy a relaxed, positive pregnancy.

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Enjoy a Babyopathy Birth full of sensory connections with your baby and top tips to enjoy a relaxed and positive birth experience.

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& Beyond

Embrace those first weeks with your baby, understanding your thoughts, feelings and emotions and finding your feet as a parent.

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Our essential oil range

nurture your pregnancy and baby in the womb through all of your trimesters, and enjoy a relaxed, positive, connected birth with my beautiful range of essential oils - lovingly made and sold for me by Base Formula - the UK's leading manufacturer of essential oils...


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